Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear friends,  I have not kept up my regular posts because my husband was having health issues and so was I.  He went in for a cardiac quadruple bypass surgery on May 3rd and was doing fine and the doctor was talking about sending him home after about 10 days.  Then on Mother's Day, when I went to visit him he was acting funny like he had had a stroke.  The next 12 hours were scarey with calls to the doctor, changes in medication and nothing helped.  Evidently his liver just gave out due to the surgery, and he passed away on the 18th.  I have been really sad and at a loss to do any work online because this was a shock frankly.  I have many things to deal with now that are a bit overwhelming, but am determined to get back into the groove.  Look for new pages from the travel journal in the Fall.  In the meantime I am on Facebook and keeping my Etsy shop alive as best I can.  Thank you for keeping the faith.