Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some End of 2009 Musings

Well, this last year was certainly exciting for me. I had the experience of being evicted, had to completely uproot in 30 days (no mean feat in ittself), moved back to my desert house, lost my cherished cat (Kitty Boy Floyd, I still miss you so much it hurts) and went on Social Security as my only income.

Now I am at a very peaceful space. I have been knitting socks, gardening, and still cleaning a house that was pretty much neglected for 10 years. I have learned how to reframe a window, set in glass, make some outdoor furniture, and learn to not hustle for that big nut I used to have to crack every month. This last one actually took quite a while. It was like I was on vacation and would get a sudden anxiety attack about not having gallery showings lined up, or part time jobs to follow through on. I would find myself getting scared and then realize there was nothing to be afraid of, I could just drop my shoulders, and enjoy the here and now.

Sure I have limits now, but it is okay. My limits are not that bad. Here are some photos of the beauty and peace I am now a part of.