Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Early Christmas Gift

This is a journal spot/scrapbooking embellishment that I made just for this blog and my readers. Just click the "save picture as" button after clicking on the picture ittself and save it to your pictures folder. If Windows Paint is your only photo editing tool, make sure when you open it, it is set to 1/1 page. You can do this by going into the print options on Windows Paint.

If you have other photo editing programs you can resize this (make sure to copy and save the resize so you don't lose the original). So it can be a tag, a card (you can personalize it with a photo that has been copied and pasted into the frame) or a scrapbook embellishment or frame.

You can also scan some background papers and paste this onto it after saving the scan. Add your own decorations with peel and stick jewels or glitter pens. Put pretty ribbon into the punched out hole in the tag that you print on cardstock, or print on paper and glue to a shipping tag and make a personalized gift tag. Anyway, Happy Holidays everyone and have fun!