Monday, January 19, 2009

Is It the Stars?

This last week has been awful. I won't go into too much detail but Damn! My paintings from my old studio were moved without my permission to a new site which I have been given, in a pile, outdoors! Then someone moved them into the studio like cordwood. Agh. This is going to take a week to straighten out. I need my big table and it is nowhere in sight. Aghhhhhhh.

I was given an eviction notice this weekend, and my car is making a funny noise. WTF????? I am worried if I internalize too much of this I will have a heart attack or something. It has got to be the stars because I have been doing everything I was supposed to to make all of this work properly.

I am a hair's width from getting the new job, so I can hope on that. I should ask my friend, Amarna if the planets are in a bad place for me right now, I am sure she will say yes.

Anyone else having this kind of thing happen, or is it just my sign, Cancer? Let me know.

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