Saturday, January 17, 2009

Selling On The Internet

Hey, have you ever noticed that selling on the internet is a bit like fishing? You pick your water, throw in a line and wait. And wait. When you get a nibble, your heart starts beating faster and you tug on the line, and hope it is really a good bite. Sometimes they get away, sometimes they take a big bite and you reel them in. All of these metaphors fit perfectly with my online shop experiences. I have a few lakes online (etsy,dawanda,artfire) and throw in bait on a regular basis (listing new items) or sometimes just use my flies and repeat casting (renewing on etsy). I get nibbles (hearts, convos, alchemy,forge), but they are not all bites. It's a good thing that our declined Alchemy bids are not made public, believe me. But when I get a notice that I need to leave feedback on etsy, or there is a Paypal notice in my email, Wooo Hoo, I get all excited just like I did when I knew there was an actual fish on the end of my line. I was just musing about this last night and thought I would write about it. Anyone else have any metaphors for online business? Let me know.


Almay Alday said...

That's a good metaphor! I totally agree!

Project Junky said...

I relate TOTALLY to that!!!! I'm glad I'm not alone in the boat.

Donnalda Does Art said...

Boat, ha ha. Would the boat be the fora?

karuski said...

I agree but according to my experience selling online seems to require a lot more effort than going fishing, lol:)

You've got many pretty creations in your shop!


Lrc said...

I hear you...I look on my etsy site every day hoping for a bite. I look at the forums on 'fishing' hoping that I find some keys to it. Its a good metaphor.I guess practice makes perfect in fishing and selling.