Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am packing and trying to figure out what to keep and what to leave behind. Some of the electrical appliances are not going to be possible at the desert house, because we have solar panels for power and it is limited. So the A/C will stay behind. Also I think the Microwave won't be usable either. But all the other stuff is just going into boxes and I will go through them later when I have time. I need to really speed this up so I make the deadline. I have never been good with deadlines, but this one is not negotiable. I am also working on custom orders and trying to keep my online businesses alive. I have been doing research on my own and with the help of an Etsy thread to figure out how to have internet access without a phone line. I have lots of reading to do and several phone calls to make tomorrow before I have a handle on that one. I will also be informing my employer that I will have to resign from my job. I have called the client already. I had already become quite attached to them. Changes are always exciting and difficult. Scarey because of unknown factors and exciting because of the very same thing. I know once the move is done I will be so happy because I have always loved my desert house.
Notice in the photos, the kerosene lamps, used for light after dark. The goose cookie jar holds clothespins for hanging laundry. And the frog cookie jars hold bars of soap, and sponges for washing dishes. Even though the cats keep the field mice population pretty scarce, I don't like to take chances with things that are needed on a daily basis (and the nearest store is a half hour drive over dirt road).

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