Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, I have now been served the "unlawful detainer" notice. I have gone to a Legal Service for seniors and have a lawyer now. So I will be spending the next 6 weeks moving my home and studio back to the desert house.
At first I was scared, then mad, now I am accepting the whole thing as something I need to experience in life to make me a better person. I know that I was sent by God to take care of that little girl. I also know now that I am being used as a tool by God to show my ex-employer what the consequences of her actions actually are. I am taking her to court for the money she still owes me. I will just have to try and repair all of the artwork she damaged when she moved it, and I still don't know what she will do with my equipment. I might need to have help getting that all back.
So here are some pics of my desert house. I am going to repair the back section of the house to use as my studio/living space until I can get everything repaired for the coming summer. The solar panels are not adequate at this time for a water cooler, but that will be a priority. Also a top priority will be internet service, somehow. If anyone reading this lives in a really rural area and has some tips about internet service, please let me know. I am going to be looking into WiFi and see if that will work for my situation.


PussDaddy said...

Awww, I am sorry you had to move. I hope it all works out.


Donnalda Does Art said...

It will, I am actually looking forward to the peace and quiet that living in the wilderness provides.

Debs Crochet said...

Best wishes Donnalda. I hope your new place brings peace and happiness to you.

Elizabeth Parsons said...

The link in this is a woman who lives on a remote ranch- she has internet out there- like you- the nearest store is 20 miles away. if you email her- she might be able to help you with your question about remote internet access. good luck in your new adnevture!

thanks for the heads up on my being published in the new Somerset Gallery issue! I have not received my comp yet!

Donnalda Does Art said...

Elizabeth, thanks for the link. What a great blog. Unfortunately, in this area Satellite access is only allowed those with bright shiny credit scores. Not my group.