Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Photo of the Afgan I made for my Mom

I learned to knit in patterns this summer. Armed with a copy of Adventures in Knitting by Barbara Aytes, and a treasure trove of yarn I keep unearthing from the old craft room, I began to knit. I learned what double throws and triple throws were, how to make yarn over patterns and how to knit onto another square. I made borders and finally crocheted a simple shell around the edge. I even made a little embroidered label to go in the back corner.

I just got a lovely thank you note from her telling me how it comforted her in her recent bout with a cold. I told her to consider it a hug every time she uses it.


Lrc said...

thats such a cool idea! i love to crochet and am just now learning more about different stitches...its interesting and can lead to more cool projects! good job!

Donnalda Does Art said...

Thanks. You know I always hesitated when a pattern mentioned a technique I hadn't learned yet. So this summer I decided I would just go for it and learn some new stuff, it was so worth it. I am now working on a lovely lace blanket for my new great granddaughter.

Mama Sews! said...

what a pretty afghan! I want to learn to knit, that's next up on my crafting list of to-do's