Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Facebook Fan Page and a Gift

I have just launched my Fan Page and have opened up two discussions. I am also offering a gift on the Fan Page. The Fan Page is dedicated (at this point anyway) to Journal Spots. I love making them and using them. I have started a new project called Pirate Map Journal Spots and am offering one of them on the page. Just follow the instructions to capture it and then you can print it, and use it. One of the discussions is for the work you did with it. I will start a Gallery Album as soon as I get submissions. I just love all things "pirate" and last week when it was raining and I couldn't go outside, I decided to try a project from a magazine. It involved National Geographic magazine pages and a Citrus Solvent. I loved the look of some of the results and decided to make them look like old maps. I am going to add some of my drawn corners to them as well. But in the mean time, go to the link and get your map and play with it a little and let me know about it. I will post your work in the Gallery album.!/pages/Donnalda-Smolens-Fine-Art-Fan-Page/340254153261?ref=mf

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