Friday, May 21, 2010

Some pics from early this morning

The rose settee is made from 2x4's. I have a lot of paint that I get at the "return" bin from various sources. Our house is going to be very colorful.
The pomegranite tree has finally set one blossom, we will be eating this fruit around Christmas time.
That is my garden in a box, made from 12 railroad ties. I made a top for it to protect the plants from varmints at night. During the day I leave the top up so things can get pollinated.
The laundry/shower set up next to one of the date palms (so handy for hanging things). The big bucket is for the washing, the two smaller white ones are for the first rinse and the fabric softener rinse. The piece of lattice is for draining large heavy items that I can't wring out. I also hang my husbands jeans on the palm stubs to drain them between buckets.


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